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qlp podcast #2: Xoxo

Another attempt with GarageBand because of its simplicity; despite its limitations. Someday i’ll use AudioMulch for precise blending and other fun stuff. But I wanted to get this out of my system sooner than later. It’s not every day you feel sentimental for every little thing… and as a result of that curse/awakening, it’s finally time to make several life style changes. One of them being a redefinition of love (when applied to the self). There are so many love songs out there, from the moment of love at first sight to the pathetic acoustic moments when they’ve already walked out of the room… damn. I don’t know how to say this next part without sounding extra cheesy – it’s those seemingly lonely experiences where you start to bother/reflect/love yourself! Hence, why i’ve started up this podcast thing… hehe. It has to be one of the greatest eye-opening relationship that exists. note: You can definitely screw yourself over, but at least the forgiving part comes easier.

Download here (MediaFire)


qlp podcast #1: Dedicated to you

Hello there. Thanks for taking an interest in my first public podcast. Please don’t listen too hard because it wasn’t made with Serato and all that jazz.. it was made with GarageBand, frustration, amazement, and curiosity in 2 days. So, volume levels may jump and falter – the blending sucks – curse words were not edited out – and the quality of the songs were the best i could jack from the internet. But it’s meant to be fun, enjoyable, and relaxing just for you!

Download here (MediaFire)